Wind Blade Challenge 2018


Members of The Maine Composites Alliance and The Maine Ocean and Wind Industry Initiative have been extremely valuable to the success of this program. We have greatly appreciated your support, and are hopeful to continue to not only maintain but improve our program for WBC’s 10th birthday!

Supplies, Kits, and Coordination:

The Wind Blade Challenge requires funding, as well as in-kind donations. Expenses include shipping costs, kit supply costs, travel stipends, staffing, facilities rentals and associated costs for food, printing, audio-visual support, etc.  The total annual cost is $30,000. The Wind Blade Challenge strives to keep the cost of entry low so that all schools, regardless of a local community’s ability to support a team, may participate.

At this time we are seeking:

Financial support/sponsorship, at any level:

  • All sponsors are represented on our website and at the event, including distribution of informational materials on your behalf.
  • Higher level sponsors will also be included on t-shirts and a limited number of tables will be available to these sponsors on the day of the challenge to connect with students.

In-kind donations (services):

  • Engineers, composites manufacturing technicians, instructors, etc to assist in webinars by offering guidance in their area of expertise.
  • We are also seeking a commitment to volunteer as a judge on Friday, May 18, 2018 for the duration of the challenge. Six total judges are needed from 9am-2pm.

In-kind donations (materials):

  • Fiberglass cloth (3oz – 6oz), PPE; rubber gloves, eyewear, masks.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!


Contact info:
Heather Leonas: