Since 2009, Wind Blade Challenge has touched over 1,500 students and educators. Many students have pursued STEM related careers.



“I have gained so much experience doing the Wind Blade Challenge. Just sitting down and solving the problem by brainstorming and by testing different models was amazing.” ~ Emma Pererson




“WBC helped me decide that I wanted a career in composites, on event day I met new people and got a summer internship and the possibility of an internship in college” ~Lucas Hopkin-Goodwin




“Wind blade Challenge is a great opportunity for anybody who has even remotely considered working to become an engineer, scientist, etc. once they graduate from high school.” ~Ryan Wells


Tom Vincaire
“I see the Wind Blade Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for students to apply theoretical concepts in a practical application, they see it as a fun way to learn.  And you know what? it’s a fun way to teach!”  Tom Vicaire, Teacher, Mattanawcook Academy


“The Maine Wind Blade Challenge provides Maine high school students with the opportunity to learn about Maine-Based STEM efforts. Students apply their understanding of science to design effective wind blades.  At the same time they develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills and learn to work effectively in teams.  It is a win/win proposition!” Anita Bernhart, Maine Department of Education