Wind Blade Challenge was created to inspire, motivate, engage, and introduce students to the world of STEM education, composites and alternative energy with the purpose of building a strong workforce in the composite and alternative energy industries. Students from past competitions are now working in the Maine composites, wind industry and/or continued their education in STEM fields.


Students testing out their blades before the competition

The goals of the event are:

To inspire learning through hands-on application with math, science and alternative energy.

To motivate students and teachers to explore the use and application of composite materials in a safe guided atmosphere.

To provide students experience with the most modern and clean composite manufacturing techniques.

To foster relationships between high schools and higher education institutions, which provides composite material training and education.


Where they are now:

Participating students have continued their education at the following institutions:
* The Boat School
* The Landing School
* Maine Maritime Academy
* Northern Maine Community College
* Southern Maine Community College
* The University of Maine

Students have also pursued careers in the Maine composite industry, working at these and other businesses:
*Kenway Corporation, Augusta
*Custom Composites, Bath
*Hodgdon Yachts, East Boothbay

Contact info: hleonas@mainewindindustry.com